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The Place to Explore the Spiritual Side of Genealogy

Universal love, connectedness, transcendance, intuition, synchronicity,
dreams, deja vu, psychic experiences, spirit guidance, self-mastery,
reincarnation, time travel and similar topics as they relate to genealogy

Things You Can Do Here:

   Read my blog, then join the discussion group, it's free!

   Search for your ancestors among my family trees:

Adams  /  Adams Papers  /  Altman (Altmann, Aultman)  /  Baird  /  Baird Papers  /  Cass  /  Cass Papers  /  Cole (Cool, Kool)  /  Cole Papers  /  Conine  /  Conine Papers  /  Dell  /  Dell Papers  /  Dell Photos  /  Dent  /  Donaldson  /  Donaldson Papers  /  Dorsey  /  Duffield  /  Elder  /  Elliott  /  Elliott Papers  /  Enlow  /  Flanders  /  Getchell  /  Gibbons  /  Gibbons Papers  /  Gilman  /  Gist  /  Henry  /  Howard  /  Jacobs  /  Keiser  /  Miller  /  Morgan  /  Murray  /  Parks  /  Parks Papers  /  Pifer (Peifer, Phipher)  /  Post  /  Presnell (Presnal, Presnall, Presley, Prestly)  /  Pugh  /  Ring  /  Silverthorn  /  Springer  /  Stauffer  /  Stitt  /  Strickler  /  Tielemans (Tilmans, Tillman)  /  Turner  /  Vandenbark  /  Vandenbark Papers  /  Welsh  /  Wissler (Whisler, Whistler)  /  Wooden  /  Zopf (Zoph)

   Search for your ancestors among these associated family trees:

Burroughs  /  Chenoweth  /  Disbrow  /  Fillmore  /  Frazier  /  Friant  /  Gorsuch  /  Harman (Harmon)  /  Jones  /  Kirkpatrick  /  Lemert  /  Loriaux  /  Pigman  /  Reasoner  /  Tibesar

   Search for your ancestors among these "sapling" trees:

Calvert  /  Harley  /  Pieterszen  /  Quick  /  Schab  /  Spinke  /  Wooden

   Search for your ancestors among genealogy snippets:

This section contains genealogy snippets I've acquired incidentally over the years:  birth, marriage and death records, news articles, obituaries, census findings, etc. Maybe you'll find something useful here for tracing your roots.

Indiana  /  Illinois  /  Ohio-Ashtabula Co.  /  Ohio-Muskingum Co.1  /  Ohio-Muskingum Co.2  /  Ohio-Muskingum Co.3  /  Pennsylvania  /  Various States

   Find your kin among photos of mystery ancestors:

This new growing section contains photos of unknown ancestors. Could one of them be yours?

   Find out if you're obsessed with genealogy!

   Find out how many ancestors you have!

   Visit my onsite affiliate ancestry shop, the GenSpirit Store!

Everything you need for digging your roots or buying a gift for the genealogy buff in your life:  genealogy books and software, computers and computer-related products, office products and supplies, and genealogy-related electronics. Books on spirituality, too!

Updated January, 2014

GenSpirit was launched on Thanksgiving Day, 2008.

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